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Copyright / Trademarks: All Logos are for illustration purposes only and are not intended to infringe on the copyright or trademark of any company. Realty Card clients are independent agents for these companies and authorize Realty Card to use these Logos and trademarks in the creation of their printed materials. Realty Card claims no affiliation with any company listed on this website.


Did you see a design template you like but it is not in this company gallery?
Don't worry... you can choose any design template from any other company gallery on this site and we will customize it with your company logo at no extra charge.

Just click below and fill out our special request form.


Upload: Upload your own personal business card design

Customize: Personalize with your details and choose a paper stock and finishing option
Purchase: We'll print, hand pack and deliver your business cards to your door!

How big are Realty Cards? We print standard size business cards with the following dimensions:

Final trimmed size
3.5" x 2"
88mm x 51mm

Full bleed size recommended for creating finished artwork
3.75" x 2.25" (300dpi)
95mm x 57mm


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