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How It Works

Before you place your order
Before placing your order, please make sure you read and understand the options listed below that are available to you. It is also important to understand which aspects of the ordering process are your responsibilities as a customer including supplied artwork and images, photo requirements, proof approvals etc. Please note that we cover what is and is not, a reprintable item and what is eligible for a refund on our reprints & refunds page.

Visit our reprints & refunds page to see more details

Printing and delivery times
Estimated printing turnaround time for most business card orders is 3-4 business days + 2-5 business days for Ground delivery. RUSH “2 Day” Printing Turnaround service is available on selected items for an additional fee. RUSH Shipping is also available including 2 Day Shipping and Priority Overnight Service. It is important to understand that Printing Turnaround and Delivery are two separate things. Rush Printing and Rush Delivery must be requested to ensure that fastest delivery.

Visit our turnaround page to view printing & delivery schedules

Understanding our paper stocks, coatings & finish options

Standard Business Card Stock
Our business cards are printed on thick 16pt card stock which is thicker than the industry standard of 12pt-14pt. Standard business cards offer several coating options including a Glossy UV coating, a Satin Matte finish or the standard unfinished cardstock. See coating descriptions below.

Luxury Tri-Layer Business Card Stock
Our Luxury Tri-Layer paper is triple layered with a choice of 3 accent colors for the middle layer including; Black (standard), Red and Green. The Tri-Layer paper is a thick 38pt stock which includes 2 outside layers which are the thickness of standard business cards and a middle colored layer which is slightly thicker than each outside layer. We offer either the Satin Matte finish, which is a velvety smooth texture option, or the standard unfinished card stock. Each finish is perfect to write or print on. Our Tri-Layer card is the thickest realty business card available on the market. ROUNDED CORNERS AND GLOSS COATING ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON 38pt CARDS.

Learn more about our Luxury Tri-Layer business cards here

Coating Options
We offer several coating options which provide different looks, textures and functionality.

  • Gloss (16pt only): Our High Gloss UV coating option offers an additional layer on the surface for a beautiful shine, great color reproduction, and extra protection from damage. Keep in mind that you cannot write or print on High Gloss UV coated stocks so we offer a mixed Gloss front / Matte back option so that you may write on your card.
  • Satin Matte (16pt / 38pt): Our silky smooth satin matte finish is a classy alternative to the more traditional gloss coating. The matte finish has a velvet like texture and creates a more muted color tone than a UV gloss coating. This texture is perfect if you like to write on your business cards. Keep in mind that darker colors will be slightly less vibrant with the satin matte finish.
  • Mixed Gloss / Matte (16pt only): This option is perfect for agents that want the best of both worlds. Offering the high-gloss UV coating on the front and a satin matte finish on the back which is perfect for writing on your cards.
  • Unfinished (16pt / 38pt): This option is perfect for the budget conscious agent who wants a world-class design but doesn't need the added expense of a custom finish. The standard unfinished card comes standard on all business card orders. The texture of the paper is also great if you need to write on your cards. Keep in mind that like the satin matte finish darker colors will be more subdued than on the high gloss cards.

Finishing Options

  • Rounded Corners (16pt only)
What to expect regarding color variations on printed items
Because of differences in equipment, paper, inks, and other conditions between color proofing and production press room operations, a “pleasing color” variation between color proofs and the completed job, as determined by generally accepted trade technical methods, is to be expected. When such a variation occurs, it is industry standard and will be considered accepted performance. We DO NOT GUARANTEE an exact color match to any photos or artwork submitted to us. If photos or artwork are submitted as a any color mode other than CMYK we will convert the color mode to CMYK before print. Because your computer monitor display uses RGB (3 color format) there may be a slight color shift when converted to CMYK (4 color printing format). If there is a color shift we are not responsible for that color shift. Please note that while not typical, there may occasionally be a slight difference in color on reordered products. As such, we DO NOT GUARANTEE an exact color match on reordered items.

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