Custom Real Estate Postcard Templates

Drive sales and get the word out to your neighbors with custom Real Estate postcards

It's a well known fact that real estate agents can use custom designed real estate postcards as an effective marketing and prospecting tool. They remain one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reach potential clients while showcasing your Real Estate brand. Real estate postcards can be a great addition to your marketing effort and they have been used by successful real estate agents for years. More than any other marketing strategy, real estate postcard marketing allows agents to target your local market with pinpoint accuracy and show your potential customers that you’re a local real estate market expert.

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Real Estate Postcard Design Templates from Realty Cards

A custom Real Estate Postcard is one of the most popular and effective ways to reach clients. Use our professionally designed templates to create your own real estate postcards. Use them to reach potential clients to promote your company in a creative way. We offer several different sizes to suit your individual needs.

Finding the right real estate postcard that makes an impact can be hard if you don’t know what to look for. Every day, people’s mailboxes are inundated with useless offers and other junk mail that doesn’t get a second look. If you spend your marketing dollars mailing poorly designed and uninspiring real estate postcards, they are sure to end up in the trash or recycling bin. That’s why our talented designers have created a whole gallery of Realtor Postcards that are sure to make an impact and potentially a new client.

Agent Introduction Postcards help you reach new customers

When a real estate professional wants to reach a large audience of prospective customers, one of the most effective tools is a real estate agent postcard. Certainly an introduction can be a tough prospect but making a personal statement with a well-designed real estate business card can be the key to success. Our postcards can be customized with your personal information, message, logo and more. Our talented designers will help you add more of your personality into your introduction.

As far as agent introductions go, don’t hesitate to add a little of your unique personality into your postcard. Some agents even include their pets, children or maybe images of your city or town to make it more personal. Adding a bit of yourself helps prospective customers feel they connect with you,  not just receiving yet another solicitation.

Real Estate Postcard Templates are a great way to improve your brand

Postcards often times plant a seed, even if you don’t receive a huge amount of traffic after your initial mailing. Instead, experienced real estate professionals will consider it as an investment in their future. Realtor Postcards help agents get leads in the short-term and build brand awareness long-term.

Why use a new custom designed Real Estate postcard to advertise for your realty business?

Sending out postcards remains one of the most popular ways Real Estate agents advertise themselves and their real estate business. Postcards are so effective because you can include a call to action for a faster response. These Real Estate postcards can be highlighted with big and bold text or colorful graphics so potential customers can view and process your message quickly for a faster response.

Get creative with a variety of Real Estate postcard templates

Many Real Estate agents use our custom postcards to introduce themselves to potential clients and inform them about current listings and upcoming open house events. One of the main reasons these real estate professionals trust us with this important item in their marketing tool box is because of how easy it is to personalize each Real Estate postcard template. You can add as much, or as little, of your information, as you wish. Some Real Estate agents prefer to include a picture and headline on the front and provide the details of their business or even a realty event on the back.

Choose from our glossy stock for a beautiful shine and durable finish, luxurious matte finish or economical uncoated option on your Real Estate postcard. To make your new Real Estate postcards really stand out, why not try our Tri-Layer, ultra thick, triple-layered paper for a truly luxurious look and feel. Get started now by choosing one of our customizable Real Estate postcard templates below, and you will be amazed how easy it is to personalize it with your own information, photos and more using our online design tool. Once your new Real Estate template is created, we will print it quickly and send them to you so you can get started handing them out or get them in the mail.

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