Custom Real Estate Business Cards | Why every agent needs them

Why is it good to have a realty business card with you all the time?

Custom Real Estate Business Cards
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Why is it good to have a realty business card with you all the time?

If you are a realty agent, you already know that the odds against you on any given day are quite heavy, thanks to cut-throat competition. You may ask yourself… why is it good to have custom real estate business cards with you all the time? If you meet a prospect and you have no cards to hand out, you may have blown a future client if they have no reminder of who you are. It is a given fact that your competitors are already aware of the prospect and would not waste time approaching them. In such a situation, your focus would move from the prospect to the competitor. In an attempt to win the race, everyone forgets about what the prospect really wants.

So what is the solution?

The solution is to be prepared for any eventuality. So keeping a few realtor business cards in your pocket is a great idea, because you never know when you might need them. Just imagine meeting a prospect while shopping and then kicking yourself for not keeping your real estate agent business cards handy. This might simply mean missing a golden opportunity. The importance here is stressed on the ‘anytime-anywhere’ need for real estate agent business cards.

Whether you are at the store, an event or a party, it is rational to keep your real estate business cards handy, because you never know when an acquaintance might turn into a prospect. You might find out in casual conversation that the person you just met is searching for a reliable real estate agent. These may sound like random scenarios, but they can happen to anyone, anywhere. The question is: are you prepared to take a call? In such a situation, not having a real estate agent business card to offer the prospect can be quite embarrassing. At the same time, if you are carrying your custom real estate business cards and offer one to a prospect, there is a high probability of that prospect becoming a client.

Should Real Estate Professionals Give Their Business Card To Every Prospect They Meet?

Do you really need to give your business card to any and every prospect that you meet? The answer to this question depends on who the prospect is, where you meet them, and whether they are open to communication. Sometimes, you will meet a prospect at an event where you are not the only real estate agent. So the odds are that the poor prospect has already been overburdened with several business cards, which he is most likely to stash away as soon as he reaches home.

Here’s what to do…

The solution is that you need to gauge the situation. In the above situation, instead of giving the prospect a card, you can ask for their phone number and tell that you would be calling up tomorrow and follow up with the call. You need to understand that the prospect is at the event to have some good time, so let them enjoy. This will help create a positive impression and make you stand apart from the crowd.

On the other hand, if you meet a prospect in a place where you strike up a conversation and learn that they have real estate requirements, then it is always good to have a card handy. If you are at an event where it is highly likely that you would meet several prospects, you should ensure you have enough cards to give to each of them. There can be nothing worse for a prospect than to hear that you have run out of real estate business cards.

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