Keys to Creating an Awesome Realtor Business Card Design

    Keys to Creating an Awesome Business Card Design

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    Keys to Creating an Awesome Business Card Design

    Are you a real estate agent, and are interested in your realtor Realtor Business Card Design? Do you find yourself frustrated when your business card doesn’t match the way that you present yourself? Tired of seeing other agents and brokers at networking events handing out their boring cards to potential clients? We have put together 11 Business Card Design Ideas for Realtors to use as inspiration.

    Here are a few Realtor Business Card Design ideas that can bring business to you and increase sales:


     Include a personal photo along with required text

    Most business owners often wonder whether photos are a necessary element to have on their card. Well, though photos aren’t necessary, they can certainly make a big difference, as they show you’re your seriousness as a professional realtor who values transparency. But this doesn’t mean you can use your Facebook profile picture on the card. Try to use an image that promises to make your card sleek, impeccable, and attractive. Carefully choose the content part on your card. Forcing too much information into a tiny space will make it look cluttered. Typically your name, company name, professional title, and contact information will be more than enough for a real estate marketing card. The best real estate business cards are to the point, with a consistent design and all elements blending well together to make it an awesome card design.

    Adding color to the card

    While the traditional black and white combination looks sophisticated, it may seem boring to some. So try creating interest with a blend of attractive colors that directly appeals to the recipient and generates interest. If you wish to create a neutral, easy-to-read card, go for the traditional version. But if you are looking to generate interest, it is time for a color change!


     Choosing the best paper

    The thicker the paper the better the results will be. But if you are on a low budget, you cannot spend much on a thicker paper, so an acceptable compromise between the thick and thin paper will do. Generally, a 14 point thickness will work well but 16 point is better. Try to avoid flimsy stock that doesn’t hold ink well on a realty business card design.

    When it comes to promoting your business, a real estate agent business card is a must-have marketing tool that helps you introduce yourself to a prospect and sets you apart from the competition. In real estate, it is first important to sell yourself before you start to sell homes. So before you hand over your card to a prospect, if you could spend a few minutes talking with them, you would be taking the first step toward making a deal. The best way they will remember you is if you can make yourself memorable. Adding a lucrative call to action will do well to hit the nail on the head and attract attention.

    Are you ready for real estate marketing card designs that sell? Get started here.

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